One key question for the progressive CEO

Actually three questions around one theme: Engagement in uncomfortable, yet vitally important new areas that can lead to the systems reform we so desperately need for a more sustainable world to live in.

Here's my mini series around the core theme of lasting, better systems change:
  1. What are the emerging corporate roles in inefficient framework/policy/incentive reform?
  2. How do we make better systems together without individual or sector rent-seeking causing more harm than good?
  3. And how do we do this without relying on consumers to give us a short term business case? Or perhaps any business case?
My imperfect answer: Through better research-based, common positions hammered out by stronger representative groups.

This can happen through more progressive former CEOs such as Peter Bakker at the WBCSD taking member and industry groups to a much higher and more collaborative and transparent level.

What say you?
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